Which website should be protected?

  • Easy to install
  • DSGVO compliant
  • Automatic Updates
  • Hosting complies with ISO 27001
  • Individually adaptable

Protect your website or online store with HackShield

Health Check

There are directories in every system in which files should not be changed at any time. The Health Check module finds illegal file changes and reports them.

This does not always have to be a successful hacker attack. Occasionally, programmers also change files that should not be changed. We also report files and plugins that you should not use. With the Health-Check you keep the overview.


Your personal doorman for your web presence or your shop. Uninvited guests are kept away, various attacks fended off from the beginning. New attack patterns can also be detected and blocked. In addition, extensive configuration options are available to you.


Is your site accessible and what code does it use to reply? Do your server and your web presence react in adequate time? Is your IP on a blacklist? Are parameters of search engine optimization (SEO) negatively affected?

Our monitoring answers these and other questions. Every change can be an indicator of a hack attack, a faulty configuration or technical problems. Take control before someone else does.

Web Privacy Check

Does your website comply with the GDPR from a technical point of view? Even if everything fits at the moment: Every new plugin, every new extension and every update can lead to a violation of the GDPR. We check and monitor critical elements, such as external sources, Google Fonts, website configuration.

Why HackShield?


We show you what really happens

  • How many login attempts of strangers take place?
  • How often is your website searched for vulnerabilities?
  • Are there any security-relevant updates for your website?
  • Has your performance ever even been hacked?
  • Can you answer these questions?

Trust is good - Why the blind flight should nevertheless come to an end

  • We provide you with an overview of what is actually happening.
  • We give you back control, so that ideally your website will not suffer any damage and will not suffer any damage from it.
  • Unauthorized or unintentionally introduced malicious code is detected as quickly as possible or not allowed at all via the website firewall.

TMG, GDPR, BDSG and BSI Act: What does jurisdiction say?

  • As the operator of a website, an online shop or a blog, you also enter into obligations with regard to data protection/protection of your presence.
  • This is regulated e.g. in §13 Duties of the service provider in the Telemediengesetz (TMG) (German Telemedia Act).
  • or in Art. 32 Security of processing in the GDPR
  • or in § 64 BDSG Requirements for the security of data processing

It's that simple: Reaching your goal in 3 steps



Register with HackShield Duration approx. 5 minutes



Create website Enter domain only



Install plugin or extension No configuration necessary!



Ready! From now on your appearance is protected

HackShield is GDPR compatible


The protection of your presence is our top priority. This also and in a special way includes data protection. I.e. HackShield does not store personal data without cause. Only when a certain pattern occurs does a reaction take place. And it is only at this point, for example, that an IP address is temporarily stored and blocked in your firewall. Always in line with the GDPR.

In our tool you have extensive configuration possibilities. Whenever the GDPR plays a role, we will inform you at the appropriate point and draw your attention to the current legal situation. You are on the safe side with the basic configuration.

HackShield - The ideal solution to secure your internet presence

Web pages


HackShield - Makes Websites Safer

No website should be unprotected online. Secure your appearance - whether large or small - now professionally. Do not let your website become a danger to you and others.


Online stores


HackShield for Online Shops - Simply Safer

An online shop is always particularly at risk. This contains personal data of your customers, not infrequently also further, particularly sensitive information. A successful hacker attack can transform your entire online business into a life-threatening scenario. Don't let it get that far.




HackShield for Blogs - Don't involuntarily become an attacker

The most commonly used blog system is WordPress. For a long time WordPress has no longer been used only as a blog: a professional company website, an online shop, a landing page, digital signage, use as an intranet - almost everything is possible. However, this popularity has its price: no system is hacked as often as WordPress. Do not let your WordPress become a phishing site, a SPAM distributor, or part of an attack scenario on other corporate sites or government agencies. Cover yourself now!

Cyber Security für Agenturen



HackShield for Agencies - Expand Your Portfolio

Cyber security is an important issue for any online agency. With HackShield as your partner, you can easily expand your service and offerings: You get access to our portal, where you can centrally manage all your customers' appearances in one place. So you can always offer timely updates and enhancements and remain in conversation as a security expert. If desired, each customer can also view and manage his own appearance.

Anyone who runs a website, an online shop, a web application or a blog

Once installed - always up to date

Plugins and extensions are available for the following systems:

HackShield Drupal Plugin
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HackShield WordPress Plugin
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HackShield TYPO3 Extension
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HackShield Joomla! Plugin
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HackShield Shopware Plugin
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HackShield Magento Extension
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Always informed in time


Let us inform you about various terminal devices

HackShield informs you about various events via push notification in the browser, via e-mail or SMS. What you want to be informed about can be defined individually or you can use the established default settings. The same applies to the intervals in which messages are to be sent. So you won't miss an important event anymore.

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